Introduction To Zahra University

Dear Islamic Brothers! In each period, Allah sent such sacred personalities to the Ummah of His beloved and favored Prophet who perfectly satisfied the duty of i.e. calling individuals towards honesty and keeping them from wrongdoings. These honorable saintsinculcated in different Muslims the outlook: I should strive to change myself and the general population of the whole world. One of such incredible personalities Qari Muhammad Mubeen Ahmad Attari Qadri Launched Zahra University to make the spreading Online Islamic Education and Online Quran Studies entire world. They begin on the web University after that we will begin Further University. You began in 2014 and you are working with well wonderful plans in great deeds, Allah acknowledged his work in the issue of his beloved Habib, and now he is showing this teaching all through the world. Allah will succeed in this great reason and excuse them uninformed. There are such many fields began in Zahra University and there is more prayer to Allah. Even many Islamic sisters and Islamic brothers are teaching the Qur'an and religion from all over Pakistan and in addition to us to join this work. The prayer is to give them the chance to do this great work and further improvements to the Zahra University. Keep in mind that! Every male researcher and female researchers are the simply acknowledged of qualified of Dawateislami, yet we don't call ourselves to dawateislami, we loved dawateislami. Be that as it may, don't call us dawateislami, we are known as, which Registered of Government of Pakistan, Also exchange check and copyright our university.